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Aether Revolt Prerelease Events

Don’t have time for a full Prerelease event? Open Dueling with the new Planeswalker Decks will be available all weekend! Planeswalker Decks
Not sure what a Prerelease event is or how it works? Wizard’s of the Coast has a handy guide just for you!

Preregistering is available instore or online. We have limited space and it ensures your spot! Send your name and which event you are preregistering for, along with $30 through Paypal to to ensure your spot!

All events cost $30 and are 3 rounds!

Midnight PrereleasePrerelease Kit
Start: 12:01AM January 14th

Saturday Prerelease 1
Start: 1PM January 14th

Saturday Prerelease 2
Start: 4PM January 14th

Sunday Prerelease 1
Start: 1PM January 15th

Sunday Prerelease 2
Start: 4PM January 15th

Prize Support is as follows:
X-0’s = 8 Packs
X-1’s = 4 Packs
Everyone else gets 1 pack (This 1 pack is guaranteed to be a Aether Revolt pack at the Prerelease.)

*We may be unable to fulfill all prize payouts in Aether Revolt packs on Prerelease. If players so choose, they may substitute prize packs for any available Standard legal booster pack or return on release day for their remaining prize payout in Aether Revolt Booster packs.

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