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Amonkhet Prerelease & Release Events

Amonkhet is the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set! It’s centered around a plane of the same name. Amonkhet is a Egyptian themed plane whose residents worship the God-Pharaoh. They’re lives revolve around a singular mission: preparation for a glorious afterlife. They train their entire lives to participate in the Trials of the Five Gods to become Worthy and earn an honored afterlife. The God-Pharaoh however, is none other than Nicol Bolas, the most powerful but also most malevolent Planeswalker in existence!

Prerelease Weekend April 22nd – 23rd

We’re hosting Prerelease events for Amonkhet where you can open the new set and play with it a week
before it releases! We do have limited space so it’s not a bad idea to preregister for the event you want to play in! Click on the event links below to find out how to preregister.

Want to learn how Prereleases work? Wizard’s has a handy video guide for you!

Amonkhet Prerelease Events:

Midnight Prerelease – 12:01AM April 22nd

Saturday Two-Headed Giant Prerelease – 1PM April 22nd

Two-Headed Giant is a format where you and a partner join forces to beat other teams with your Prerelease decks!

Saturday 4PM Prerelease – 4PM April 22nd

Sunday 1PM Prerelease – 1PM April 23rd

Sunday 4PM Prerelease – 4PM April 23rd

Amonkhet Release Weekend April 28th – April 30th

Amonkhet releases for sale on Friday, April 28th!

Booster Boxes will be $124.95+Tax
While supplies last Booster Boxes will come with a Buy-a-Box Promo Archfiend of Ifnir!
Booster Packs will be $3.95+tax or 3 for $10.95+Tax
Bundles (formally known as Fat Packs) will be $39.95+Tax

We will be running $13 Draft ’til You Drop Amonkhet Drafts all weekend, starting on the Friday release! There will be a special Promo Oracle’s Vault given to everyone for every draft they participate in! (While supplies last.)

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