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Curbside & Shipping

Curbside pick up and shipping are both available! Our hours are 12PM – 6PM everyday. All of our normal stock is for sale including singles.

How to Order:

There are 3 ways to order with us.

  1. You can email us at – Make sure to include your phone number!
  2. You can send us a Facebook Message – Make sure to include your phone number!
  3. Or you can call 905-597-7270*

*We might be on the line with another customer so feel free to either leave us a message, try again shortly or use our email/Facebook page.

Shipping is also available, provide us with your address when you inquire! If you’d like tracking updates, please include your email as well. We are using Canada Post as our carrier.

Payment Options:

  • E-Transfer, after we give you the final total, send the amount to
  • Credit/Debit card taken over the phone, we will ring you through our usual machine
  • Cash on arrival

Curbside Pickup in a Car:

  • Please park outside our store in one of the parking spots outside our store
  • Call to let us know you’ve arrived. To confirm your identity please indicate to the staff member your name and phone number.
  • A staff member will bring your order, and place it in your trunk.

Curbside Pickup on Foot:

  • Come up to the outer glass doors of our building (right below the large sign).
  • Call to let us know you’ve arrived. To confirm your identity please indicate to the staff member your name and phone number.
  • One of us will exit the building with your order, place it down and return inside, then you can grab your goodies!

Orders with Singles:

If you want to purchase Magic: The Gathering or Pokémon singles, we ask that you send us the list of what you would like to purchase by either email or Facebook Message.

Please indicate if you have preferences of edition or condition for the cards, below is a sample of some things you can include, simply delete the ones that don’t apply!

Condition: I prefer cheaper copies (Slightly Played, Moderately Played) instead of Near Mint / I will only purchase Near Mint cards / No preference

Edition: I prefer the cheapest edition you have / I want the oldest style borders / I want the newest (M15 and up) borders / I hate white bordered cards / I love white bordered cards / The editions I’ve indicated are the only ones I want to buy / If you have a similarly price foil/holo I will take that one / No preference

If our order volume is high, to increase efficiency we will not provide an itemized list of prices on singles under $5. If that’s something you need, it’s no problem! Let us know and please understand your order make take longer to fulfill.