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Eldritch Moon Prerelease Events!

Hey everyone! Cardboard Classics will be hosting 3 Prerelease Events for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set Eldritch Moon! We will have a Midnight event, Saturday event and a Sunday event!

What will I get in my Prerelease Pack?

Prerelease PackYou’ll receive 4 Eldritch Moon Boosters, 2 Shadows over Innistrad Boosters and a 20 Sided Spin Down Dice. In the pack will be a random Foil Rare or Mythic from Eldritch Moon with a gold date stamp. There will also be a two-sided, foil Zombie token (there are likely more art variations for the tokens)!



Zombie TokenZombie Token


To learn more about what goes on at a Prerelease event Wizard’s has made a great little video to fill you in.


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