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Ixalan Prerelease, Release & Draft Weekend

For centuries, the untamed jungles of Ixalan have hidden a coveted secret: Orazca, the city of gold. But no secret can remain undiscovered, and no treasure can be taken uncontested. Unfurl your sails, saddle up a dinosaur, and battle your rivals as you embark on a journey to claim the plane’s greatest fortune for yourself!

Get ready to explore the plane of Ixalan! Along the way you’ll meet dinosaurs, pirates, merfolk and vampire conquistadors!

Prerelease Weekend July 8th-9th

We’re hosting Prerelease events for Ixalan where you can open the new set and play with it a week
before it releases! We do have limited space so it’s not a bad idea to preregister for the event you want to play in! Click on the event links below to find out how to preregister.

Want to learn how Prereleases work? Wizard’s has a handy video guide for you!

Ixalan Prerelease Events:

Midnight Prerelease – 12:01AM Sep. 23rd

Saturday Prerelease – 1PM Sep. 23rd

Saturday Prerelease – 5PM Sep 23rd

Sunday Prerelease – 1PM Sep. 24th

Sunday Prerelease – 5PM Sep. 24th

Ixalan Release Prices

Ixalan releases for sale on Friday, September 29th.

Booster Boxes will be $119.95+Tax

Buying a booster box will get you a promo Burning Sun’s Avatar & a Special Buy-A-Box Booster pack (while supplies last).
The special pack will include another promo Burning Sun’s Avatar, 4 Mythic or Rare cards, 2 Foils of any rarity, 2 Exclusive Foil Full-Art Lands (gorgeous Rebecca Guay art!).

Booster Packs will be $3.95+tax or 3 for $10.95+Tax
Bundles (formally known as Fat Packs) will be $39.95+Tax
Planeswalker Decks will be $19.95+tax

Ixalan Draft Weekend Sep. 29th – Oct. 1st

We will be running $13 Draft ‘Til You Drop pods all weekend, starting on the Friday release! There will be a special Promo  given to everyone for every draft they participate in! (While supplies last.)

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