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Kaladesh Release!

Skyship Stalker Promo
On Friday October 30th, the newest Magic: The Gathering set Kaladesh will be released! We’ll have everything you need to explore the new plane!

If you purchase a Booster Box of Kaladesh you will receive a foil Skyship Stalker Buy-a-Box Promo card! (While supplies last.)

All About Bundles

Don’t worry if you heard Fat Packs were no more!

For this Magic: The Gathering release Wizards of the Coast has replaced the Fat Pack product with one called a Bundle! The Bundle comes with the following:Bundle

  • 10 Kaladesh booster packs (1 More than in a Fat Pack!)
  • 1 Card box
  • 1 Player’s Guide with complete visual encyclopedia for Kaladesh
  • 80 Basic land cards
  • 1 Magic learn-to-play guide
  • 1 Spindown life counter
  • 2 Deck boxes

Intro Decks are Dead, Long Live Planeswalker Decks!

Nissa Planeswalker Deck Chandra Planeswalker DeckWizards has also replaced the Intro Deck line with the new Planeswalker Decks. For each new Standard set release there will be 2 Planeswalkers featured for the decks. They will have some cards in them (including the Planeswalkers themselves) not found in the booster packs of that set. These cards are considered part of the set and are completely Standard legal!

Kaladesh Release!

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