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Learn to Play Magic on April 15th

Have you ever wanted to learn to play Magic: The Gathering? On April 15th at 1PM we will be hosting our Magic Open House event!

What is Magic Open House?

Magic Open House is an event for introducing and teaching Magic: The Gathering to new players! How it will work is like this;

At 1PM we’ll get started. We will sign up new players for a Wizard’s Account (also known as a DCI Number) and then they’ll get a free Welcome Deck. Each deck contains two single color 30 card decks. Next we will give a tutorial on how to play Magic and have everyone run through some games. Players will pick one of the 30 card decks and play 1 game with another person. After they are done that game they will find a new partner and use the other 30 card deck to play a game. Lastly, players will switch partners one last time then play a game with both of the 30 card decks shuffled together.

Once everyone is done playing we will have a small casual event. We’ll hand out match cards and players will be able to go and play with their new decks at their leisure. Once a player has played 3 games (preferably with different opponents) they can bring us their match card and receive an awesome, premium Amonkhet basic land!

If you’re a veteran player, you too can earn a premium Amonkhet basic land by bringing a new player to the event (while supplies last).

I’ve learned how to play, what’s next?

There’s lots of things to do! A week after our Open House will be the Amonkhet Prerelease. Prerelease events are a lot of fun! You get to open some booster packs from the new Magic: The Gathering set before it releases for regular sale! After opening up some goodies you build a deck (we can help if you have trouble!) from what you opened and play some Magic! It will be 3 rounds to be exact, you’ll walk away with an extra booster but if you win 3 of your matches or 2 of your matches you’ll get some extra boosters.

If you’d like to buy something to further your Magic collection or improve the deck you got we have a bunch of different things for you to choose from. Buying a Planeswalker deck is a pretty good place to start. It will have a new card type that you didn’t see in the Welcome Deck which is a Planeswalker (they’re a powerful ally to help you in game). It comes with a deck and 2 booster packs which you can use to add to it. We have the Aether Revolt Planeswalker Decks available for sale right now but if you want the new ones for Amonkhet you can come by Prerelease weekend to pick one up.

We will be adding a new event for newer or more casual players to our events roster. Starting Amonkhet release weekend we will have a Casual Standard event every Saturday! Entry will be $4 and will include a booster pack of the newest Standard set! Players will play 3 rounds of best of 3 matches and undefeated players will get another booster pack.

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