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Modern Masters 2017!

Modern Masters 2017 releases on Friday, March 17th! This set has been heralded as one of the greatest (if not the greatest) reprint set ever! It will be a limited release so stores won’t be getting unlimited product.

Modern Masters sets are built with drafting in mind (each box comes with 24 boosters, perfect for an 8 player draft). They feature some of Magic’s best cards from the Modern Format. This time Wizards has included cards from the beginning of Modern (8th Edition) all the way to Magic 2014 which includes fan favorite blocks like Innistrad and Return to Ravnica. If you are looking to get into Modern this set is a great way to build a collection of staples
for many different top tier decks! One of the best things about the set is inclusion of Zendikar “Fetch Lands” at rare. Fetch Lands are those that allow you to pay 1 life, tap and sacrifice them to search for either land of the color they provide (Scalding Tarn would specify Mountain or Island for example).

We will be hosting Drafts on Friday, March 17th and on March 18th we have Win-A-Box events, which will be in Modern as well as Standard.

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