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Theros Beyond Death Events!

There’s a new Magic: The Gathering set releasing on January 24th! This article details the upcoming events for Theros Beyond Death. If you’re interested in reading a bit more about the mechanics and feel of the set, check out this post.

The first events featuring the Theros Beyond Death set are prereleases. We’ll be hosting these from January 17th – 19th. Prereleases are a fun, casual way to play in store with the new cards a week before their worldwide release. They’re the perfect event for both returning and new players! We have friendly staff on hand to help teach and guide beginners during the event to ensure they have an awesome time. After prerelease comes the release of the new set on January 24th. All products and singles will be available to purchase then. To celebrate we’ll host drafts on January 25th.

Prerelease Events

So how exactly does a prerelease work? Prereleases always occur a week before (starting Friday afternoon) the new Magic set becomes available. They are a chance to play with and experience the new cards in a relaxed environment. When the event starts, all participants receive a box called a prerelease pack. The contents vary a little between the different between sets but this time the box will contain 6 booster packs of Theros Beyond Death, a 20 sided spin-down life die and a random foil promo card featuring a rare or mythic card from the set. Players will open the booster packs in their prerelease pack and use them, their promo card and basic lands (we provide these!) to build a 40 card deck. If anyone needs guidance, staff members love helping players build or tune decks. We’re here to answer all your questions at any time during the event. Once everyone is done building, we will use software to randomly pair players together. Each player will play a match (best of 3 games) with their deck and report their results to us. After that round is completed, players will be paired up for two more rounds.

Once the event is complete or if you need to leave early, we distribute prize booster packs! Here’s the break down of how the prizes work:

  • Players who win all 3 of the rounds receive 8 booster packs
  • Players who win 2 rounds receive 4 booster packs
  • Everyone else gets 1 booster pack

We’ll be hosting a number of prerelease events over the weekend. Click the links below to see the details for each event and to preregister for the one you’re interested in.

Friday, Jan. 17th 7pm
Friday, Jan. 17th 11:59pm (Midnight)
Saturday, Jan. 18th 11am
Saturday, Jan. 18th 2pm
Saturday, Jan. 18th 6pm
Sunday, Jan. 19th 11am
Sunday, Jan. 19th 2pm
Sunday, Jan. 19th 6pm

Draft Weekend Events

Theros Beyond Death releases on January 24th and to celebrate we’ll be running Draft Weekend events on January 25th! Drop by the store at either 1pm or 4pm to join in a draft! Drafting is a way to play with just a few booster packs and friends. It highlights cards you might not ever get to play otherwise, making it a unique experience. You open a pack, pick a card and pass it. You can check out this handy video by Wizards of the Coast explaining how exactly a draft works! Once you’ve completed the draft and built your 40 card deck, you’ll play 3 rounds (best of 3) to see who was able to draft and build the best deck. We’ll be raffling promos randomly to players who participate in the events! Full details are here.

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